Emily's letter

Here is a letter from Emily who is ten years old and lives in Kildare, Ireland.  She likes to write and draw and play with  her dog, Charlie.  She sent me a drawing and a story she wrote.

Emily loves Morris and likes the way he is different from the other bats.  Morris is different and likes being himself.  Morris stood up to the bullies,  followed his dreams and became the singing sensation, “Morris the Magnificent”.  He is certainly a good role model for all of us…even if we don’t sing!.


Welcome to the website of Morris and his many friends in the Gallery.  Morris is a special little fellow…confidant, determined, tolerant…and not afraid of anything.  Except maybe those owls.  He certainly is not afraid of bullies and knows how to get around them.

In fact I’ve been taking lessons from Morris and trying to be more like him.  So far it’s going good.

Morris’ Gallery friends have their own stories to tell.  For instance, Fox who is sly and cunning for sure. But underneath he has a good heart and enjoys playing jokes, even on himself!  We’ll have more on him later.

I hope you enjoy your visit here.  And I’d love to hear from you at